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What Does ' 5 Secrets to Interview Success ' Mean For You...? TRANSFORM UR CAREER With 5 Secrets...

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Masterclass Date:- 14th Oct,2022
Time:- 7:00-8:30 P.M

Can you tell me something about yourself? Confused…? Don’t be! By the way, this is the question that mostly determines the success of your job interview! Isn’t it? Do you know that surveys tells us that average conversion rate from interview to offer is 19.78%, Which means you give an average of 5 interviews to win 1 job offer! To make it worse all you hear is- “We will get back to you”. But they never do.
– So would you like to increase your chances to 95%? -Here’s the good news! Cracking an interview is a skill and so we bring to you- ‘5 Secrets to Interview Success’ where you will learn-
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Masterclass Date:- 14th Oct,2022
Time:- 7:00-8:30 P.M

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Know Your Career Coach

✔️ Chinmayee Abbey is an Entrepreneur- the ‘Chief Optimist’ and a ‘Professional Career Coach’ at ‘Change Ur Story’.
✔️ She is an Internationally Certified Career Coach recognized by the CCA (Certified Coaches Alliance), USA.
✔️ A Speaker, an aspiring Author, and a Corporate Coach for many companies.
✔️ Chinmayee is a Professional Branding Expert- a Resume Writer, LinkedIn Profile Writer, an Interview Coach and a Job Search Strategist.
✔️ In her 17+ years of experience as an HR Professional and a Career Coach, having interviewed 100s of professionals and having coached 100s of professionals on Interviewing she is just the right person to help you craft your winning Interview Strategy so that you crack your next interview and land up the offer into your DREAM JOB!

It’a a Masterclass to help people to crack an Interview basically. However, at the end I will offer you an Opportunity to pick up the Membership to our CUS Academy… Any questions?

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Just Google My Name-Chinmayee Abbey

Founder of the Company ‘Change Ur Story’, that-Help People Build Awesome Careers!


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